Work demands. economic stress, family conflict, strained relationships all have one commonality. They rob a person their ability to relax. In todays society with all the demands that exist, stress has robbed us the ability to relax resulting in an increase in obesity, increased physical pain, a rise in heart disease and cancer diagnosis, depression and insomnia to name a few.

Taking charge of our stress level means gaining control of our lives in areas of our thoughts, our emotions, our dailiy schedule and extreme demands of task completion, our environment, and our abililtly to problem solve. According to, the definition of relax is (1) make or become less tense or anxious (2) rest or engage in an anjoyable activity as to become less anxious or tired.

8 Activities that Promote Relaxation

  • Evaluate, prioritize and organize tasks and self expectations.
  • Start a new hobby or interests and/or re-engage in an old one
  • Dont forget to BREATHE! Taking a breath increases oxygen in the blood allowing vessells to relaxe and encourage smooth blood flow resulting in less tension and more self control.
  • Start exercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day: go for a walk, take a yoga or Tai Chi class, complete a meditation CD, go for a massage
  • Take a class. Socialize with friends and family. Dont isolate.
  • Take an anger management class to reduce daily frustrations
  • Acceptance, Forgiveness, Let Go those who may have hurt and/or angered you
  • Seek a therapist to assist in resolution of anxiety, trauma, rage which fuels stress and the inability to relax.

Thank for reading.