Keeping a marriage alive and keeping can be a tough job for both husband and wife. Marriage should be run like a smooth business, and that’s one thing that every married couple must do to keep their relationship in the best status. It is a common thread found in all successful marriages. Marriages can only be happy and flourishing if both partners are willing to work hard, take quality time together and spend some time apart, keep set routines, have regular conferences before problems arise, and most of all show respect and undying love for each other.

Private matters should be kept private. These may be sexual relationships, finances, and anything that must be kept private ought to stay between you and your mate ONLY. Whatever happens in your marriage must be kept between you and your partner and must not be shared with anyone else. It’s also best to keep financial matters a private matter for pride can be a factor in ending good relationships.

Set-up a budget and always stay within range of that budget. It is advised to save every month. It doesn’t matter how much, as long as the habit of saving money is forming, it’s good. It also makes you more practical in spending money and economical about your utilities. It is a smart decision to plan ahead for necessary expenses and emergencies. Save those pennies because remember that they WILL add up.

Assign a job for each other and a date when they should be completed. That way, everything gets done routinely, and this may give you free time for each other.

Always keep your personalities. Both men and women are unique and should, therefore, retain whatever they like and avoid their dislikes. But always show respect for whatever your partner likes and set time for your partner to spend time with friends.

Whenever making a decision about your children, be firm. The child needs to know that if one parent says so, both parents agree on that. Contradicting what your partner said may cause a rift between you and your partner and may lead to an unhappy household.

One important factor for a happy relationship is your loyalty and faithfulness to each other. It may happen and if it does, better tell your partner right away let him learn from another person.

One important trait for a successful marriage is being considerate. Let your mate know if you are planning to bring your friends home. When your mate is sick, do keep the house clean and organized. Most of all take good care of your mate.

Surprises can be the biggest factor to make your mate happy. Just be sure of what you’re doing and it will turn out right.

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