Thank you for helping me and sticking with me.

You’re voice is soothing and comforting through difficult times. I always knew things were going to be ok.

Thank you for everything. You have been such a positive force in my life.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I would not be sober today without your help.

Our Team

Kalli has taught me to control and not fear my panic and anxiety. I can leave my house today.

Thank you for your kindness and patience.

Kalli has worked with me like a team member to ensure my success. She is always respectful, caring and skilled in what she does.

Your support and insight have been invaluable.

Thank you Kalli. You’ve made such a difference in my life.

I always feel like I am a step closer to solving my problem at the end of a session with Kalli.

I feel so comfortable with Kalli. She makes therapy easy.